We live in a society where so many of our experiences are documented online. Reduced to a few selective snapshots and easily digested thanks to character limits and a scrolling bar. There’s a place for everything. And more often than not, a correlating hashtag.

Scrolling through social networks in your twenties, you come across friends who are married, engaged, parents, still studying, instagram famous, actually kind of famous. Or still playing Candy Crush.

Our experiences get selected and filtered through. What we get is a part of a moment, not a journey. A highlight reel rather than a conversation. More importantly, there are more points of connection than ever but these connections are not three dimensional. Often they get reduced to retweets, travel tips and a few lines in the comment section. These snapshots don’t capture the individuality of an experience. Perhaps because to some extent, it is impossible to. Either way, being a ‘twentysomething’ is so much more than what we’re seeing.

Table for 9 is a written compilation of this experience. A conversation. Nine women sharing their journeys in an attempt to showcase stories that are varied, recognizable, three dimensional and most importantly, real.

So pull up a chair and join our table. 


7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi,
    I am still playing Candy Crush in my fifties! I met you in the Community Pool and I am intrigued by your “group blog”. I offer a blogging tips blog at my site MostlyBlogging.com. I frequently look for guest authors to write about new blogging-related topics for my readers. If you’d like to guest post about what a group blog is and the advantages of having a group blog, you’d be welcome. Here is a link to my About page, so you can read more about my blog http://mostlyblogging.com/about/.

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    1. Hi Janice,

      Thanks for checking us out. I looked at your site and it’s so informative. I really like how the content ranges for things for the complete beginner, to tips to taking your blog to the next level.

      I would love to write a guest post about doing a group blog! I’ll check with my partner, but I’m sure she’d like the idea too. I think we’d have a lot to share about how to get a group blog up and running, and its advantages.

      What’s the best way to go about submitting a guest post?

      Edi x

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