Song: A Change Is Gonna Come

Artist: Sam Cooke

Just listen to the lyrics.

This song is majestic; is a rare voice of those that were and are systemically and structurally kept voiceless. – Bumble Bea



Song: Holocene

Artist: Bon Iver

One of my favourite music moments was seeing this band live and though it would be completely justified to choose literally any one of their songs as a tearjerker, it had to be this one. It’s just a truly beautiful song that makes me feel sad because I realise that ‘I was not magnificent.


Song: Listen Too Closely

Artist: Fink

This song is quite a new addition to my life playlist but it’s been on repeat constantly since I discovered it. The voice, the tone, the ‘truth like blood under your fingernails, don’t hurt yourself’. It’s all the feels.



Song: 911

Artist: Wyclef Jean ft Mary J Blige

This was my late aunty’s favourite song. She ran the family tradition of dancing as a group whenever the extended fam met up and without doubt she would play this song. I can’t hear it and not think of her and feel grave grave loss. 


Song: Can U Hear Me?

Artist: Missy Elliott & TLC

I have always loved this song because it is a banger(!) but when my aunt died (who was like a second mum) it took on so much meaning.


Song: Abraham, Martin, John

Artist: Marvin Gaye

but it seems the good die young, yeah. I just looked around and he was gone.’ That line now stabs me with its veracity. 



Song: Vienna

Artist: Billy Joel

This song is from one of my favourite childhood films and absolute cult classic 13 going on 30. It is played during a scene with a grown up and remorseful Jennifer Garner trying to rebuild a broken relationship with her parents. Something about this scene always fills me with sadness and gets me going every time! 



Song: Lost & Found

Artist: Lianna La Havas

I heard this song years ago and every time I hear it now a different lyric stands out and gets me feeling all kinds of ways. There’s something so fragile about Lianne’s voice on this and reflecting on losing your sense of self in a relationship. 



Song: I Can’t Make You Love Me

Artist: Bon Iver

I’d like to say I’m emotionally stable enough to not be moved to tears by a song, and then…this will come on. A haunting voice and tragic lyrics = quite a teary eyed Eve, depending on my previous mood!



Song: Twice

Artist: Little Dragon

It is my favourite song and just pure EMOTION


Song: Jolene

Artist: Dolly Parton

Such a sad song when you slow it down. I think we can all relate to the feeling of being scared that the person you may love might leave you.



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