Just what the hell am I going to do next?

Just what the hell am I going to do next?

Here I sit, with my head in my hands for what feels like the fifth time in five minutes, rewriting and erasing the same bit of information. I am constructing my CV, claiming that I am confident communicator with excellent written skills, feeling anything but – after two hours of being unable to complete a 50 word about me section, written communication seems to be failing me.

Unfortunate, then, that I am expected to sell myself in a mere 50 words. How on earth does anyone manage this kind of stuff? Job applications are the bane of most graduates post-graduation high. Excellent work, we got the degree. Now, oh dear…what on earth next? The lucky get onto reputable grad schemes and from there sail into what I like to refer as ‘the real world’. You know, where people strut around with car keys in one hand and a coffee in the other. I just find myself plodding along with my oyster card on -80 pence and a cup of tea from  McDonalds.

Let’s say you didn’t get the grad scheme, but maybe you’ve got that hooked up parent/auntie/uncle/family friend who puts you on your way in a great company. It’ll be doing something mundane, but at the very least your foot is in the door. Congratulations, because you too can also soon join ‘the real world’. You might have to make many cups of coffee first, but at least it’s on the horizon.

So for the unfortunate sods whom the grad schemes seem to have forgotten and whose family provided no handy connections, what’s the next step? Get on the internet and job search like there is no tomorrow. Of course, if it were only as easy as finding a job we wanted, we’d all probably be employed by now. The challenge lies not in the hunt, but in the attack – the actual process of applying for jobs. I personally avoided the post degree angst by moving to work abroad…or at least I thought I had, now realising it was always going to happen to me, just perhaps a year later than everyone else. While teachers sit around me in the staff room planning their lessons for the year ahead, this English language assistant is only wishing her future planning were so easy. Just what the hell am I going to do next?

Thinking of the famous quote “follow your bliss”, I’m aiming to do just that. Find what makes me happy and see in what way I can make a living out of that. I aim to continue writing my food blog, keep on eating and cooking like a trouper, while looking for jobs in food writing/PR/events. Because at the end of the day, we only have one life, so why not work damn hard at getting a job that will probably work us damn hard, that we’ll moan about, but ultimately it will be something we love. Or at least that’s the idea!


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