25 Things I’m Learning at 25


1. The people closest to you will not necessarily be the ones who are the most invested in your happiness.

2. Falling apart is hard. Putting yourself back together is harder.

3. Money is nice but it’s never about the money. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check your balance though or negotiate salary.

4. It’s okay to say no to the things you say yes to all the time. Say yes to the things you say no to all the time a bit more.

5. Hard work doesn’t always pay off. There’s not always a trophy at the end so enjoy the process.

6. Giving 110% when you love what you do is okay but know your limits. Taking care of yourself is no longer a luxury, and no longer selfish. It may be a privilege but it’s also a responsibility. YOUR responsibility.

7. Don’t skip the Skype calls. There’s a lot to be said for regular communication regardless of how many years you’ve been friends, or how busy you are.

8. Understand the limits of your understanding.

9. Nothing on Instagram is real. Pick up a book instead.

10. When it comes to nostalgia…play Adele and #tbt in moderation. Don’t indulge the past so much that you waste the present.

11. Take your lunch hour.

12. Age aint nothing but a number. Sometimes your little sister is right.

13. Stop avoiding photos. bad photos aren’t a reason to feel bad about yourself. Everyone has three chins at certain angles. See #9

14. Making jokes at your own expense is not always the same as being able to laugh at yourself. If you’re cool with being the punchline sometimes, be cool with accepting a compliment too.

15. If you have no intention of going, just say so.

16. It’s okay to have a hobby that you aren’t going to go pro at. You don’t have to win at everything. No really.

17. Men are like spiders because sometimes they’re more scared of you than you are of them.

18. If you got it, flaunt it but also share it. No really because one day you might not got it.  

19. Just ask for what you want. It’s 2015…Frank Ocean still hasn’t released his album and humans still can’t read minds.

20. Your parents are literally the closest you’re ever going to come to meeting God and/or Beyonce. They are also proof that unconditional love exists.

21. Stand up for yourself. Not just because you’re out of the 18-24 category now but because there are a million little brown girls who don’t get the chance. 

22. Say thank you a lot more. Say sorry a bit less.

23. Forgive quicker because being angry is exhausting and ain’t nobody got time for that.

24. Just ask for help.

25. Contrary to popular opinion (and your own)  you have everything you need already to be happy.











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