tumblr_inline_ne3wwabb6u1sgz21wMoyo is a Zambian born economist who has written three New York Times bestselling books and has been listed by TIME Magazine as one of the ‘100 Most Influential People in the World’. Oh, and is also considered awesome by pretty much everyone who runs into her.

tumblr_inline_ne3wwabb6u1sgz21wHer groundbreaking book Dead Aid examines the true effect of sending aid to Africa and essentially dispels the commonly held ‘Aid= Development’ theory, and there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding it. There was a wonderful moment in one of my recent lessonstumblr_inline_ne3wwabb6u1sgz21wwhere we had read an excerpt from Dead Aid and my students were so shocked by my comment of “in her book…” that the lesson was paused so I could Google a picture of her. Yes her, a woman. The shattering of the stereotype of what an economist should look like left my pupils noticeably upbeat and it was clear that they felt empowered knowing that an African woman has achieved so much success in a field greatly dominated by balding white men who wear glasses and carry briefcases.

Atumblr_inline_ne3wwabb6u1sgz21ws with all Baes, she has been in the cyber/Twitter boxing ring with a high profiletumblr_inline_ne3wwabb6u1sgz21wcelebrity. This particular celebrity is not just any old celebrity, however, but the richest man on the planet. Bill Gates and Moyo have opposing views as to how much money should be donated in aid to developing countries. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has undeniably made world-changing differences in promoting and support globaldevelopment, however you cannot ignore Moyo’s argument that no country has achieved economic growth and development from receiving and depending on aid.

A very topical and important debate that many more people should be involved in!







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