tumblr_inline_ne3wwabb6u1sgz21wEverything about Kate Winslet is #goals really  because she’s consistently and refreshingly honest when it matters most. Her touching speech at the Baftas tumblr_inline_ne3wwabb6u1sgz21wwhich she dedicated to teenage girls, though beautiful and candid as always, was no surprise.

It’s only part of the reason she is Bae of the Week though. The real reason? This photo of her clutching onto Idris Elba with ZERO chill because what straight woman in her right mind would not also use TWO hands to grip onto the newly single Idris…ON VALENTINE’S DAY.  In this photo, Kate Winslet is all of us. This is the stuff dreams are mtumblr_inline_ne3wwabb6u1sgz21wade of. Ladies go get your man! Seize the day with both hands like its Idris Elba’s bicep! Yolo! Tell your crush you love him!

Note Idris with his somewhat guarded body language, always the gentleman with
his finger ready to lightly peel away Kate’s fingers like, “come on, love, you’re married yeah.”

On behalf of women everywhere, Kate, never let go.


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