BAE OF THE WEEK: Sharan Dhaliwal

Bae of the Week is about shouting out the women who are doing, saying, and making cool shit whether we know them or not. This week’s Bae is half online Twitter crush, half someone that I have been lucky enough to work with in real life. Before I start sounding like a LinkedIn referral, ladies and gentlemen meet Sharan Dhaliwal, aka @peatreebojangle

To me Sharan is an example of a new kind of ‘girl crush’ I’ve discovered thanks to twitter. That word has been overkilled as of late but bear with me. It usually refers to someone that is both mega inspiring butpeatree.jpg also inaccessible and unknowable. Think celebrities, fictional characters, or those girls on Instagram that we know can contour, dress, bake, and selfie perfectly but we don’t actually know what their job is. 

Anyway, Sharan falls into this new category of a slide-into-your-DM-and-have-a-chat role model. And that’s exactly what I did after stumbling across a video she posted online about a crowdfunding campaign. She has successfully raised enough money to create a new zine called ‘Burnt Roti.’ The magazine will specifically cater to a new generation of South Asians. The concept is necessary and relevant and the line-up sent me flying into fan girl mode so I jumped at the chance to get involved. 

I feel like there is a growing network of intelligent and creative South Asian women online who are speaking up and against outdated misconceptions, reappropriating their own culture, and just generally making cool stuff. Not only is Sharan one of them, but through her brainchild ‘Burnt Roti,’ she is bringing some of them together in a really exciting way. This woman is badass. She also makes illustrations like this one…


….aaaand she has written candidly about her struggles with body hair as a woman and it’s effect on her self-esteem, sex life, and basically everything (because it does affect EVERYTHING). It’s not a topic women talk about openly enough because it takes courage and Sharan has plenty of that. 

Catch her on twitter clapping back at the h8erz and male/white privilege, 140 characters at a time. 


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