I ❤ comedy. It’s one of my top ten distractions from the monotonous grind of everyday life, that’s leading us slowly but unavoidably towards certain death….sorry, yeah I love comedy. I love it because I love to laugh (read that in a Yorkshire accent, it’s better that way) and I love comedians because I’m so impressed by how intelligent, sharp and challenging they are, usually anyway.

This is precisely why I love Sara Pascoe. Yes, she ticks the most obvious box of being funny but she’s much more complex than that. She’s more than cheap laughs to sell tickets or get on more panel shows, she sees comedy as the art form and craft it is that can be used as a vehicle for knowledge, information or just good old sex jokes. She’s fiercely intelligent, as is her work, which isn’t always easy as a woman. There’s been much talk about women comedians not being as funny or being chosen just to appease some new panel show quota but she’s more than proved herself.

I also love her because she’s a voracious reader; listening to her talk about books is like listening to someone who’s only just discovered chocolate or Greggs. She’s currently writing her own book about kamikaze sperm (sperm that stop another man’s sperm from getting near the egg) and how’s that evolutionary proof that are women are naturally sexually active to ensure the genetically best offspring (lots of partners means the best chance of the strongest children) She’s keen to emphasise how this is important because it was kinda glossed over during the start of evolutionary science because Victorian women were prim, proper and definitely didn’t have a sexual appetite. Need I say more?


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