Things We Did Instead of Work: March Edit


Sophie: I can’t find the link but I read a really good article about Obama’s legacy by the Guardians USA correspondent, who is also black. I thought it was a really honest, well balanced account of a presidency which has been….underwhelming perhaps? It was to be point about the fact that he has actually done a lot of good and that he was always an idea or symbol, he was put on an unimaginable pedestal. It also pointed out that he changed the landscape of race on a national level but it’s only become worse on an everyday level.

Priya: I’m currently reading LA Reid’s new book ‘Sing To Me.’ It’s not the most amazingly written ‘tell-all’ but if taking a peek behind the scenes of the music industry in the 90s and the rise of iconic artists like Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, and TLC interests you, then it’s worth a read.

I also genuinely cried with laughter at this article.


Sophie: I’m currently on Koh Rong in Cambodia and it is LUSH. Sandy beaches, free flowing alcohol, sublimely chilled.


Priya: I spent a few days in New Orleans for work and ate like a queen. I tried a lot of new and fancy foods but drew the line at boiled crawfish. We ordered 5lb of them for a sunset picnic but I couldn’t get past their beady little eyes staring back at me. Call me spoiled and entitled but I don’t want to eat anything that involves me ripping off the head. I can deal with the guilt of eating over my daily allowance of carbs but I cannot deal with the guilt of decapitating my meat before I eat it.

Bethan: I had a really great meal at Homeslice Pizza in Shoreditch (there are two other restaurants in Covent Garden and Fitzrovia). The pizzas are huge and all cost £20 so you order by the half which is great if you are struggling to choose between two of the delicious options. The drinks menu is very straight forward – one option each for red, white, rose and fizzy and a few beers. No frills but very delicious and good value pizza!

bingeBethan: I am completely and utterly addicted to Friday Night Lights, courtesy of Netflix which has made all 5 series available to me. My partner and I have watched far more of it than I would like to admit in recent weeks, I blame the autoplay function and cold evenings spent cuddled up on the sofa for this. It’s a classic American teen football drama that has the perfect amount of drama/good looking american football types/romantic plot lines/teen identity crises to keep you binge watching.


Edi : OK, it’s old news now but EMPIRE! GUYS EMPIRE!! It’s just come back on and having taken a break from all the crazy, it’s easy to forget how delightfully ratchet this show can be. Like, Cookie. Omg. If you haven’t watched the first season and the first half of season 2, get on it. There’s not really much else to say, the show’s been around for a while so if you’ve heard about it and thought about jumping but just haven’t, change your mind immediately. It’s so ridiculous it might just be the best thing to happen to TV since 2015.

Priya: I second that. I’m just going to leave this here.


I also watched The Mask You Live In. It’s finally been released to the public so you can watch it online. It was previously only shown at select screenings around the U.S. It’s about how we view ‘masculinity’ as a society and the severe consequences that has for both men and women. It’s by the same people who did Miss Representation.



Sophie: This is very old news and probably shouldn’t be included but Frank Ocean. I loved it when that first album came out but it happened to be at a really shit time of my life so I couldn’t listen anymore, it had so much emotional weight but enough time has passed that I can hear its brilliance again.

Bethan: Mura Masa ft. Bonzai, What If I Go? I heard this song just as the morning sun burst through the window and it made me feel ready and excited for summer for the first time this year. I feel like this song will be played on repeat as many times as Mapei, Don’t Wait was a couple of summers ago.



Where to Land – Travis Garland

Watch My Back – Basecamp

Blue Lights– Jorja Smith

Cruel Intentions – JMSN

Home – Tink

This is probably also the section where I admit that I have listened to Zayn Malik’s album a lot.


Edi: Batman vs Superman: I did watch other films this month, but I feel that this mini-review deserves all the attention. I’d like to preface this review by stating, in no uncertain terms, that had this been an animated film, I would have found no fault with it whatsoever. Great. Now, it took me about half the film to realise that it differed from the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight series for two reasons: 1. Snyder did NOT have 3 feature length films in order to develop Batman’s character, 2. This was a comic book film, whereas the Dark Knight films were drama/action. So tuck away your expectations of subterfuge and deep characterisation people, cause the quivering dimple of ‘Batfleck’ is about as deep as it gets. If all Superman has to do is look handsome and muscular, with no attempts to develop his character from Man of Steel, job done, well done Henry, you can go home now. Louis Lane (Amy Adams): Meh. Jeremy Irons: Amazing. Jesse Eisenberg: ?????


There was way too much music too. Don’t get me wrong, the music was AWESOME, it was just used way too much and in all the wrong places. Remember that chase scene in Dark Knight where the Joker and Batman face off and there’s NO music playing, and that in itself builds up tension? Yeah, none of that here.There’s literally a full orchestra symphony playing at one shot where all Batman’s doing is standing on the top of a crane.  All tension is superficial; all plots are stomped together, as opposed to being finely enmeshed. I’m sorry, but Bruce Wayne – billionaire genius – and Superman – alien from technologically advanced race – getting confused by some mad boy scientist? And not seeing it coming? Really? I’m sorry, but no.The only truly convincing plot device was the theorising, hypothesising, and genuine debate over the role and character of Superman, if from an American standpoint. That actually worked for me.

If you’re looking for a really loud, slightly confusing, overly destructive (to the point of ‘wait, what now?’) melodrama to fill an afternoon, then this may be for you. If you’re still confused as to whether Superman is a DC or Marvel character, don’t bother. Oh, and yes we do get introduced to some League of Justice characters. Do not feel you have to watch this film in order to watch future DC franchises. It’s as predictable as Knight and day.


Edi: I’ve watched a lot of these….they’re very addictive [James Corden Carpool Karaoke]

Bethan: What started out as a spring wardrobe clear out turned into a wardrobe reorganisation as I struggled to let go of many unworn and ill fitting items. I have decided this stage is the stepping stone to a big clear out as I have arranged my drawers in such a revolutionary way every piece of clothing is visible so I will know in a few months what I really don’t need anymore.

This revolutionary form of organisation involves stacking clothes so they are all upright in drawers (effectively rotating piles 90 degrees) allowing every piece to be easily accessible and on view. It has actually cleared a lot of space too so it still gives the effect of a big clear out! Friends are currently taking bets on how long this will last…

Priya: I had a palm reading done. I have avoided such things my entire life despite the immense temptation because I don’t believe in it….but I don’t not believe in it. Someone did a cold reading on me once to prove it was bullshit, and despite KNOWING they were making something up, I still got chills and found it #relatable. I’m sorry. So I had to have one done in New Orleans for work…and I tried to be chill about it but guys, I’m supposed to be having a baby really soon and also I am blessed, a bit of a control freak, and will travel a lot.

I was supposed to doing something else with my life, I had a purpose. I definitely think that refers to the fact that I was supposed to win X factor or be fronting the second coming of Destiny’s Child.


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