BAE OF THE WEEK: Kyla, babygirl of UK Funky House

If you thought Drake had reached peak ‘I really love the UK’ with the BBK tattoo, you thought wrong. This week Drake unlocked another level of London Roadman when he sampled a UK Funky House ANTHEM (no not the actual funky anthem) featuring babygirl of the genre, Kyla, herself. The Do You Mind/ Crazy Cousinz Remix Kyla. Yeah, remember that? Remember her? Remember when Funky House was a thing?  Drake, after what I imagine to be a driving-through-the-6-with-his-woes listening to KISSTORY, and ruminating on the correct usage of the word ‘cheeky’ – discovered the track that makes it onto the soundtrack of those defining last two years of school for many of us. 

Kyla’s name holds minimal celebrity standing when its not followed by ‘Do You Mind’ or ‘Crazy Cousinz.’ I honestly wasn’t even sure what she looked like. Even Kyla knows it. Her twitter bio is literally Singer/songwriter known for singing do you mind’ and resembles an old bebo account. It screams 2007. Kyla is perhaps to UK Funky what Shola Ama is to UKG. Her sweet vocals have been immortalized through multiple remixes of that one iconic song despite being completely absent from the music scene ever since. This week she was shot back into public consciousness on both sides of the pond via another remix. This time it was thanks to Drake and his slightly-begging-it-love for the UK. 

 Kyla is Bae of the Week purely because of the pangs of nostalgia that come with hearing that first haunting ‘baaaby.’ Hearing Kyla brought me back to a simpler time when side fringes and 2 for 1 WKDS were always a good idea. A time when Saturday nights were spent whining and grinding in someone’s living room, and someone (me) was probably wearing a waist belt from New Look. A time when dancing in sync to Head, Shoulders, Kneez and Toez was done with genuine sincerity, and recorded on someones grainy samsung flip phone. It makes me think of night buses, bluetooth, MySpace, and UCAS. Kyla is Bae of the Week because she represents all of those things and hearing her sing those lines makes me feel like I am 17 again and bubbly bubbly. So damn bubbly. 


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