Things We Did Instead of Work: April Edit

“If someone had told me on April 1st that Beyoncé was going to (if you believe the hype) lay her relationship shit bare, that Prince was going to go into an untimely eternal sleep, that it would snow in London, that Kobe would make me feel emotional about his last game even though I don’t watch and never have watched basketball, that Obama would end it all with a mic drop, I would have said, “APRIL FOOLS”… I feel bad for Mossack Fonseca who had to notify its clients on 1st of April that it had sustained an email hack… no one saw this month coming… “- Eva


Sophie: Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig. Not a self help book, but a memoir of this man’s struggle with depression and how he survived. I’ll put my hands up – my mental health isn’t always tip top and he writes in a frank, relatable, hilarious way and is unflinchingly real about his life. Read even if you’ve never experienced depression, it’ll teach you something about life.

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gael Garcia Marquez. So obviously this is already kind of a big deal, but it really did take my breath away. The beauty in the detail is unlike anything I’ve ever read and you have to concentrate on every single word because you don’t want to miss any of it. It weaves and connects and surprises and is a lesson of us all in the power of your own solitude.

Eva: Loved this article and I’m now contemplating buying the guy’s book (which I am sure was the intention of the piece). It a very poetically written account of six things Mark Vanhoenacker, a pilot, has learned in 15 years of flying. I genuinely learned so much, and enjoyed reading it.

Also an interesting article I read on Cultural Appropriation – I don’t even want to comment because I’m tired but… read it 🙂

Aaaand lastly this article explaining some sentiments of a woman who does not want children. Our lives are in no real way parallel, but it’s a conversation I have had waaaay too often, and who knows I may change my mind but right now I too “do not have the need to breed”, and I think she makes some very valid points.

Pri: Okay is this the part where I admit I haven’t finished the book I was reading last month?! I blame the fact that my commute has been cut in half and my Spotify discover has been on point.

This by Doreen St. Felix, however, is one of the best things I have read re: Lemonade.

And this by Hilton Als on Prince


Jade: Cool places that I went to this month:

The Westbourne Pub – Really cool and really cheap. If you’re single you can definitely pick up there, lots of beautiful men.

National History Museum – I queued in the rain for this and it was worth it if only to laugh at dinosaur names.

Trailer Happiness – This is a bar on Portobello Road which serves rum-heavy cocktails, and plays what I would call funk and what my boyfriend called “deep house” (something has been lost in translation here). Every cocktail is LIFE.

Bethan I had a dreamy week away with my family in the Lake District. We stayed in a cosy cottage near Keswick and spent long days out on walking and evenings by the fire stuffing our faces – I cannot recommend a trip to the Lakes highly enough.


Bethan Dalston Street Feast has reopened and the ‘Slider Bar’ burger place is still there; my boyfriend has not stopped talking about these burgers (or he prefers ‘little drops of heaven’) since last year, not surprising that we ended up spending £20 on the little drops of heaven in the first visit! I also had a really fun evening at The Discount Suit Company in Liverpool Street, a very small and tucked away cocktail joint with a very creative but delicious cocktail menu.

Sophie: So I promise I’m not a dick, but I’m now a pescetarian. I won’t bore you with why I don’t want to eat meat but I will tell you about the amazing falafel wraps, halloumi salads, coconut ice creams (don’t do dairy either innit), salmon salads, baked eggs in avocado, daim cookies, lentil curries etc etc. Being forced to think about what I can’t eat has opened up so much that I can, every meal is thought through and so so tasty.

Edi: For the first time ever, I tried the Hare Krishna free food cart outside SOAS (Russel Square entrance), because I was feeling poor and like I wasn’t allowed to be out of the library for more than 20 minutes that day. The food is vegetarian, but they give you plenty. Anyone who knows me knows I’m big on my salt and spices, but aside from a sachet of black pepper, I honestly wouldn’t have added anything to it. They even give you dessert (read: fruit and cookie crumbs). Get there for around 12 – this is when the queue starts building up.

Jade: I didn’t eat anything that REALLY impressed me this month. I wish I had more to say but I’m such a creature of habit. The one new restaurant that I tried and would recommend was North Audley Cantine (I liked the vibe more than the food, so think more ‘Leaving the house for’).

One thing that did stand out this month is the significant lack of almond milk lattes in London. You can get almond milk at Lidl but you can’t get almond milk at Starbucks, or Costa or Cafe Nero. So I went to CRUSSH which I love for their Good Morning smoothie (best smoothie on earth, hold me to that). CRUSSH did indeed have an almond milk latte but it was so watery that I couldn’t finish it and that’s the end of the story. I’ll stick with their smoothies.

Eva: I did this lunch meal prep twice this month and felt like such a boss!
[I had some bad days, and on one of them I treated myself to chicken flavour SuperNoodles with Babybel and Tobasco habanero sauce… I regret nothing. ]

Pri: Hmmm I had homemade fig, blue cheese, and prosciutto on flatbread. I don’t even like blue cheese tbh but this was damn good. I’m also obsessed with overnight oats. I basically shove half the ingredients of the ‘superfood’ aisle at Whole Foods (hemp, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, goji berries, etc)  into some oats and almond milk and leave it in the fridge overnight. I haven’t become completely pretentious and put it in a mason jar yet so fear not. It just means breakfast takes two seconds in the morning because I refuse to leave the house without eating. It also means I can feel good about my life choices until about 8pm when I cave and eat pizza anyway.


Pri: I bingewatched Love, the new series on Netflix from Judd Apatow. It’s like a dark romantic-comedy. I finished watching all ten episodes  it but still making my mind up on whether it was a slightly uncomfortable watch for the right reasons.

Edi: Game of Thrones is back with a vengeance, and I’m so glad they started everything off by clearing up any doubts we had about the end of the last series  – though am I the only one who still thinks Jon Snow isn’t dead? Alls I’m saying is, if she can make her titties look that pert at her age, bih better start charging up that necklace for Jon, dya get me?

Jade: I’m really disappointed that Season 5 of Girls is over without a bang, I feel like nothing really happened. Having once been the world’s biggest Girls cheerleader, I’m starting to get why a lot of people stopped watching at Season 3. Highlights of this season included: seeing Jessa’s “landing strip” (I didn’t know people still did that) and Charlie’s comeback – he is SO SEXY even with a bad accent and a needle. I will come back for the final season, because if nothing else, I love looking at New York.

Eva: I know it ended a while ago but Suits… OMG Suits. I couldn’t finish watching the last episode of the season the first time round. I know – I am dramatic. I guess I was too emotionally invested. If you stopped watching suits at some point, pick it up again for Season 5 seriously! And it’s definitely a good one to binge watch, in my opinion.

Sophie: The Island with Bear Grylls, who is easily the most annoying man ever. BUT this is addictive, seeing people try to survive in a way I don’t think I could ever do. Seeing the silly silly mistakes they make because they’re just that hungry. And all the guys have their tops off. Win win!

Bethan: I was shell shocked to find that Scandal had been removed from Amazon Video without warning; you would have hoped they would have given me ample warning to binge watch the remaining episodes based on the speed I watched the first 3 seasons! However this has been replaced the equally brilliant How to Get Away with Murder – I am completely gripped!


Edi: Are we still allowed to answer this one? Seriously, if you haven’t read our Lemonade post, go now!

Jade: Don’t judge me on this…

Pia Mia – Do It Again (I can’t stop)

Diplo’s late night playlist on Spotify (He is all I need/want)

J-Lo – Love Don’t Cost a Thing (that song is too real)

Kanye – No More Parties in LA

Eva: Ray BLK – get to know this girl. Check out Havisham. I went to her show this month as well and she blew me away. Did an awesome mix of Wyclef Jean’s ‘911’ with Rihanna’s ‘Man Down’, and a bunch of original songs.

NAO – Just enjoy listening to her voice.  

Drake – ‘One Dance’ He so didn’t write these lyrics but I ❤ it. Ahahaha (link is to a cover – low key constantly promoting MiC LOWRY but their voices slay me).

Hiatus Kaiyote – Molasses This is just magical.

AND RIP Prince… had ‘When Doves Cry’ on repeat.

Pri: This by Ambre Perkins who I saw open for Kehlani a few months ago and Talk to Me by Jamie Woods. Aaand that’s about it cause I deleted all my apps and music to make room for Lemonade. I’ve been listening to that ever since.

Sophie: It’s pretty low key but there’s thing called lemonade,….Beyoncé someone? I found it before it was cool.


Sophie: Housebound courtesy of Netflix. Imagine a horror-comedy that actually ticks the boxes, I laughed out loud (a rare occurrence these days despite all the lolling) and screamed. Long story short, a girl is under house arrest, a house which is apparently haunted….or is it??? Genuinely a little scared when I hear noises in the house now.

Edi: I always let Martin pick the films we see in the cinema and, to be honest, I’m glad I do, because Zootropolis is one of the best films I’ve seen in a while. It even topped Inside Out, which if you’ve seen you’ll know was a very well thought out and funny film. I was expecting a children’s film, but there are so many for-the-parents references that I wasn’t expecting that I even missed an obvious-as-hell Breaking Bad reference. The storyline is interesting, and even complex to the point that a 7 year-old kept asking his mum “SO ARE THE BAD GUYS GOOD NOW?!” It took me a while to figure it out too.

With overtones of prejudice and racism, this film is not only a commentary on modern society, but even teaches us a few things about how we could all afford to get along better together – especially in the big city! Oh, and Shakira is boss – song is catchy as hell. 9/10.

Jade: People of the world, you need to see The Jungle Book. Everyone NEEDS to see it. It is so well made and I still can’t believe that the only real person in the film is Mowgli. The remake sticks to the story pretty well and so there are no real surprises, I just enjoyed watching it so much. Now my review may be slighted skewed because I saw it at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill, which is probably the best cinema experience in London. I’m talking Pinot on ice, cashmere blankets, footstools, the works! Loved it, would recommend and would go again.

Eva: I finally became an unlimited cinema card holder and for my inaugural film session I saw Captain America: Civil war, despite not having seen any of the previous ones, and surprisingly I really really enjoyed it. Fight scenes are pretty damn awesome. It also made me look forward to the new SpiderMan films, which I didn’t think would be possible. I stopped watching them after that one where Toby McGuire’s SpiderMan “went bad”… *blinks slowly*… it was terrible. But the new guy they’ve cast is PERFECT! Within ten minutes of him being on screen I turned to my cinebuddies and said, (yes I spoke in the cinema) “Best. Spiderman. Ever.’ and he is only in about 20 minutes of the film.

Lastly, it has to be said, that Hollywood have issues. The mispronunciation of Lagos hurt me – I don’t think it was a character thing and unless it is in fact called “Lah-Gos” and I have been lied to all these years, I feel there must have been SOMEONE in the process of making the film who could have pointed it out.

Bethan Whilst away with my family over Easter we made a cinema trip to see Eddie the Eagle which turned out to be the absolute best choice of film for the occasion. A heartwarming, feel good film that had all of us in stitches, I would thoroughly recommend this as a Sunday afternoon pick me up, especially if you need a lesson in resilience!


Jade: I am loving the BBC World Series, World Update: Daily Commute. If you want to know what’s going on everywhere, everyday, it’s worth listening to. It’s also surprisingly short. I’m also back in love with LBC. I’m just having a current affairs moment.

Eva: Ah Jade! I’m also back on LBC … I hate it though. But I feel like I need to hear the views of people I disagree with… Nigel Farage is the worst way to start the morning. On the other end of the scale – I’ve been watching all of Evelyn From the Internets youtube videos from April, and have cried with laughter because of her. Also her review of Beyoncé’s Lemonade is the only one you need (after ours ahaha).
Edi: Evelyn From the Internets is my spirit animal.

Bethan I have recently started listening to the podcast Beautiful/Anonymous (Beautiful stories, anonymous people). This involves a comedian having an hour long phone call with an anonymous caller and the resulting conversations are obviously unpredictable but some transpire to be very interesting and laugh-out-loud funny (not all but some!). Great if you are nosy like me and want to listen in to people’s conversations, the callers tend to be very honest when protected by the anonymity shield.

I also went to cheer on a friend at the London Marathon who amazingly managed to run her first marathon in just over 4 hrs 30. I was so inspired I managed to run (for the first time in a year) 7km home from work without stopping but am struggling to motivate myself to do it again…

Pri: Yes, shameless self-promotion here but the Burnt Roti zine is out and available to purchase now. My interview with HateCopy is in there. If you’re South Asian, you should read it. If you’re not, you should also still read it.

I went to the opening night of the new Mike Perry exhibit. I didn’t feel out of place at all. Also I joined a gym again. Everyone is v. beautiful and it’s all a bit too intimidating.


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