BAE OF THE WEEK: Evelyn from the Internets

By Eva

I tend to have a knee-jerk reaction to reject watching something when several people send it to me. I know that is counter-intuitive, but I do. And in a day of boredom I finally clicked this link that turned out to be THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS for Beyoncé’s album. What I discovered was a woman who was not only funny, but informative, and able to say everything I wanted to say 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

Evelyn from the Internet’s is #certifiedhilarious. She Vlogs. About what? Whatever she fancies. She vlogs about her hayfever, someone stealing her license plate, about cooking Nigerian food for the first time. Its not so much about what she vlogs about, but how she does it.

I love her voice, smooth and yet animated. Her face is expressive and she’s not afraid to get “ugly” with it (as in, she’s not there to look cute). She gesticulates in such a way that brings you in closer. Within a few videos I was there mimicking her style, like a teen mimics her idol.*

And what do you do when you’re 25, have lived a life of procrastination and found someone on the internet who satisfies your need for life-style comedy (as in the kind you get from the people around you every day, and not the scripted kind on stage)? Continue to watch an unnecessary amount of other videos by the same person.

When I watch her videos, I feel as if I am standing with a friend in a corridor (most of the videos from her VEDA [Video Every Day in April] are filmed in an unidentifiable location in her home). She’s invited you in, told you to get comfortable, take what you want from the fridge. You’ve removed your make-up, got in your jim-jams and sat with a cup of tea and a slice of pizza ready enjoy the ride that is her hilarious story-telling.

The BEST thing I did that day was then watch almost every other video in her VEDA playlist, and can I tell you, I laughed so damn hard that I cried and had a coughing fit. I wish I was exaggerating.

She says everything I wish I could say but funnier. I like to think I’m as funny and interesting when I Skype my buddies across the ponds. If you are a first time Evelyn watcher, as I was, I suggest you start with her VEDA playlist.

Enjoy. And your welcome for the laughs and the 6 pack you will gain from the laughs!

Eva out. And see her on the Internet somewhere [re-phrase of her outro for you there – clever!]

* Don’t idolise kids. Its not cute.


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