Things We Did Instead Of Work: May Edit

You know that tired-but-still-kinda-funny NSync meme ‘It’s gonna be May’? I DID NOT even have time to chuckle at this month because it’s not ‘gonna be’ May, it’s already June. 2016 is flying by while taking my youth with it. I signed up for the gym to shed my winter…*coat* but it’s already like Summer? My extra winter blanket is still at the foot of my bed BUT all of a sudden opening my window every morning feels like opening the oven door to check on a chicken kiev. I am not ready ,and I was not emotionally forewarned for any of this. Anyway, here’s some stuff we did this month that supposedly over already – Pri


Edi: Emancipation from exams has led to me ordering a flurry of new books on history and philosophy, and indulging in long-read articles about whether or not the atom bomb really ended the war in Japan. Newsweek has become my new favourite read, and a long-read about girls in India using education to break the cycle of poverty really grabbed me this week. It’s an except from a new book, The End of Karma: Hope and Fury Among India’s Young by Somini Sengupta, which I shall have to buy!

Eva: ‘Unapologetically Black But Won’t Tour in Africa

Sophie: Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan. I read Omnivore’s Dilemma by the same author and it was part of my reason for cutting right down on animal products with the eventual goal of being veggie, because I think Pollan is direct, honest but completely accessible. This book is basically a numbered list of things to do to eat better, e.g. ‘don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognise’ and ‘eat animals that themselves have eaten well’ with some explanations and observations from Pollan. Very informative but so not patronising.  (Also there’s a boring plain version of it but I found the version beautifully illustrated by Maira Kalman whilst book hunting in Chicago!)


This on Blac Chyna beating the Kardashians at their own game

This on being Muslim and going to the pub

This on Black British Men and mental health



Edi: Larkrise to Candleford – I’m a sucker for a period drama, and for some reason I put off this 4 series, 2008 classic for… well, I actually don’t know why. But if you’re into the whole late-1800s-village-style-drama, then you won’t be disappointed by the story of Laura Timmins, who moves from her small, poor hamlet to the wealthier town of Candleford to work in the post office. Apparently, the post office is where all the drama went down in the 1890s. Love, drama, ‘scandal’, and much more to be had. It’s all a bit silly too, which only adds to the enjoyment.

Priya: I just started Grace & Frankie on Netflix. It’s about two women who begin to rebuild their lives after their husbands leave them for one another.

Anonymous: all I watch is KUWTK and Made in Chelsea…. Hahahaha

Sophie: The Great British Sewing Bee is back! I love BBC reality shows that involve a niche skill that I do not possess and so GBSB is heaven with pleats, hems and a bearded tailor. So much tension! So much fabric! So many, many pins! And there’s a Muslim lady with a headscarf so there’s bound to be controversy and accusations of BBC liberal PC gone mad bla bla bla


Edi: Jade said it last month, but I’ll say it again – everyone watch Jungle Book! It’s a perfect continuation from your youth, and every now and again you’ll remember that this boy acted the whole thing alone, against a green screen. A beautiful and impressive film.

Priya: People keep rejecting my request to watch Jungle Book with me so looks like I’ll be going alone. I watched The Man Who Knew Infinity last week which was pretty good and I say *pretty* because the bar got raised way higher considering it costs A LOT OF MONEY to go to the cinema these days.

Eva: #SoloYolo Priya – its good for the soul!

Other than that – Everybody Wants Some!!! by the director of Boyhood and Dazed and Confused. It is SUCH a good film. Its set in 1980s Texas – which sets itself up for some pretty cool party scenes, and lots of memorabilia to remind you of the good ol’ days, I’m talking VHS and vinyls – and follows a freshman and his Baseball team for the first 3 days of “College” (as the Yanks say) before classes start. Ok… I might have made it sound boring but it’s perfectly cast and very funny. I felt like I was getting to know the characters organically as I would if it were my first week somewhere… JUST WATCH IT! Trust me.

Room – read the synopsis before you watch it. I think I will attempt to read the book at some point, as I hear you get a better image of the young kids imagination growing up inside the room. Loved the acting from Brie Larson. It’s a pretty heartbreaking watch so brace yourself.

Mike Birbiglia: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend – not sure where to place this as it’s not a film really or a tv show – but a really good recording of a comedy show! I don’t want to give away what happens in it but the comedy show he performs actually has a story to it as a whole, and by the time it was over I felt like I had watched a very well constructed Rom-Com. Was recommended to me by my older brother, who I consider a film buff so don’t be put off by my mid-twenty year old female self writing ‘rom-com’. It’s not like How to lose a Guy in 10 Days or the next two films I am raving about this month.
Went down memory lane and watched Crossroads and Fools Rush In. I don’t know why IMDB gives Crossroads such a low rating. Britney’s acting isn’t as bad as I remembered it to be… or maybe it’s because I have sinceseen Kirsten Stewart act. I don’t know. If you have never seen Fools Rush In treat yourself to this awesome romcom with Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek.


Eva: I went to Spitalfields African Market over bank holiday with a friend and picked up SO MANY business cards of people who make flavoured chin chin, different clothes, head scarves and some amazing art. I wanted to buy so much, but told myself I should be less impulsive and buy what I really wanted later. Top tip for you impulsive buyers out there – just grab a business card!!!

I went to my first full ballet – by full I mean, previously I went to the ballet but it was a few short performances as opposed to a whole… play(?). Saw Frankenstein. Now I’ve never actually read it or watched it but I understood what was going on perfectly! Also loved watching and listening to the orchestra! *hearts in eyes*. I really enjoyed it. I got my tickets for £42, which I know is expensive, but I know people who pay more to go to concerts *cough cough Beyonce cough cough*. I would definitely recommend hitting the ballet if you can and try it out!

ROOFTOP CINEMA IS BACK (In London and few cities in the US) – went to Kensington Roof Gardens for the first time and enjoyed Room (mentioned above). I just really like adding some extra atmosphere and fun to my cinema outings. Tickets are pretty much the same as tickets in most large cinema’s these days. Got a nice blanket, and some food – if I could have found one I would have taken a guy as a date but… love is dead. 😀

I MET UZO ADUBA (I love her even though I haven’t watched Orange Is The New Black)). Went to see The Maids and now I feel I have been bitten by the theatre bug again. Got 2nd row seats for £10 per ticket because the director did these ‘Crazy Monday’ sales. Definitely recommend using the summer to check out your local theatre or see where is putting on some good deals. The show was great – very intense. And prompted some great food for thought and post-theatre-dinner discussion. Only bad thing was the Q&A afterwards – I swear people just LOVE to hear the sound of their own voice. People asking stupid questions…

Sophie: I just returned from a three week jaunt in the USA (Chicago, Wisconsin, NYC) and I loved, loved, loved it. I didn’t expect to, for some reason, but it was top notch. Highlights include: Matilda on Broadway, hanging out with my friend’s friends in a tiny town in Wisconsin and really getting a feel for ‘real’ America and the vintage shopping. In each place, I got my best vintage outfit on and headed into the boiling heat and my god, I found some absolute treasures!


I went to Cozumel on a work trip and ended up swimming in a cave. It was A LOT of fun minus having to wear a life jacket the whole time which made the swimming part very difficult.

I also went to an Indian restaurant in NY for the first in a long time/ ever (for multiple reasons.) It’s this tiny hole in the wall called Panna where the whole place is covered in every kind of fairy light known to man (the tackier the better). The food was good and I managed to charge my phone from one of the dangling plug points so 10/10 would recommend as a good snack stop/ place to charge your phone.

Also Summer Stage at Central Park is back and I got to have a day date with my work wife where we rowed boats (rowed used v. loosely here) and watched Rudimental do their thing. Side effects included feeling homesick and browsing skyscanner for flights home.


Eva: Treated myself to some oreo doughnuts at The Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch 🙂 And I made chocolate brownie cake for my office this month for Cake Mondays. I can’t bake but I swear this recipe is fool proof and people loved it!

Pri: Tried kelp noodles (low carb, high fibre)  in salads and then also tried a fried chicken waffle taco and Korean bbq so there’s that.



Sophie: This isn’t new, I found him a few years ago but I’ve just rediscovered Kwabs. Wrong or Right and Last Stand are the best of the album, Love + War and his voice is like a dream. And he’s beaut too.

Pri: DVSN is my shiny new toy. Also seening Nao and Mura Masa live (yes, humblebrag) sparked my love for both of them all over again. But honestly? I’m still running on the treadmill to ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself.’

Eva: #Throwback! I’ve been listening to Diddy (P Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puff, Poppa diddy pop)’s album ‘Press Play’.

Chance the Rapper’s new ting 🙂 Loving this third mixtape.

And linked to that… I’m still crushing on Towkio.

Priya: I signed up for List app because I work at BuzzFeed and am partial to a good list. Ironically, I have a list of ‘lists’ to write about saved to my to do’s. It’s great, everyone should join and follow me. I plan to write about the ones that got away next. 

Also a fan of the Lime Crime lipstains. I’m slowly building my collection. I usually wear lipstick but it’s hot and they melt. Also I eat every hour and it’s while these stains do need a top up, they aren’t so high maintenance. 
Sophie: As someone that’s been dying her hair for years now, including one very painful bleaching, I’m constantly on the search for something to rescue my sad but beautiful-from-a-distance locks. And I think I’ve found it! Bleach London’s Reincarnation Mask is the one; one use and my hair is so much softer, calmer and feels stronger already.

Edi: I’ve just started Igbo language lessons, courtesy of the Igbo Community and Support Network (ICSN). I’m taking them as a way to sort of reconnect with my heritage, though maybe trying to master another tonal language is the least indirect route (especially when my own mother doesn’t really speak it either). It promises to be challenging, but also fun! Especially as I’ve roped Eva into doing it with me. So far I can count to three and introduce myself. We’ll let you know when we’re fluent.

Eva: Definitely had a distressing phone call with my grandmother attempting to speak Igbo thanks to Edi.

I finally joined HitRecord, Joseph Gordon Levitt’s creative hub. Add it on fb or whatever social media you have and see what kind of stuff comes out of it. I think it’s great and I just hope it gets my creative juices flowing.




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