Bae of the Week: Tina Knowles

Behind every great woman (Beyonce), is another great woman (her mother). 

This week’s Bae of the week is the woman from who’s womb Beyonce herself was birthed, Tina Knowles. Contrary to what you may think, I’m not shouting out Mama Knowles for providing this planet with Queen Bey. I’m shouting her out purely on the basis of her Instagram account, on which she is basically the epitome of every mother on social media, ever.

This is Tina Knowles, mother of arguably one of the most powerful, iconic, and fiercely guarded woman on this planet. There are probably a million people ready and willing to curate her photos for her. AND YET. Here is she is taking a of the television screen, telling jokes so bad that they’re hilarious, posing for a photo instead of a video (and then posting it anyway), and taking two separate photos to make sure you can see her outfit in its entirety.  Tina posts whatever she wants and could not care less about your carefully selected filters and curated aesthetic.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that she is living her life on her own terms. After all, Beyonce had to learn it from somewhere. However, at a time when millions of people are wrapping themselves up in knots trying to figure out whether to choose Valencia or Sierra, who Becky is, and if Frank Ocean’s album is dropping this week….here is Tina Knowles to remind you to take a step back and stop giving a flying fuck. Maybe post the first selfie you take.  Don’t think so hard about the caption, just post the photo twice! Take a photo of a photo!

If your Insta feed is crammed full with shots of avocado toast and people’s butters toes in the sand on a beach somewhere like mine, follow Tina. Share in the joy of this woman who found love in her sixties, posts photos of her ‘boo’ like a loved-up teenager, and takes a shit ton of selfies because she is flexing and you damn well need to know about it (because I don’t see enough women over 40 do this enough.)


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