Things We Did Instead of Work: June Edit

Game of Thrones is over. Britain’s place in the EU is over. England’s place in the Euros is over. Mohammed Ali died. Some Muslim friends have bowed out of Ramadan because 2am is too early and 10pm is too late to be eating. Pretty much everything in June has been terrible, including the weather (in London – was 40 degrees in Cali… which for a Brit is actually fucking horrible) and having to see Nigel Farage stand up in European Parliament and embarrass the entire nation, just one last time. Like things couldn’t get any worse. Time to distract ourselves with some activities and alcohol methinks…


Priya: If you have a short attention span and are only skimming through this, please STOP and read THIS. An old coworker wrote an analysis of Mark Morrison’s Return of the Mack, aka the sound of my childhood. It’s hilarious.

Less hilarious but still pretty good is Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance. I listened to the audio book which I think made it more enjoyable (thanks for the heads up, Jade). It simultaneously made me sad and happy to be single. And also sad and happy about the prospect of ever being married.

Related to that is this from The New York Times on ‘Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person.”

Which makes the perfect segway into this, also from the New York Times, aanddd the aforementioned Aziz Ansari about Trump.

Also – a friend of mine wrote this personal take on Brexit and it captured a lot of what I was feeling.

Edi: The Plantagenets by Dan Jones. Do you know any British history apart from the Tudors, Queen vic, and the World Wars? Me neither. I’ve decided I need to gets me some edumacation, starting with the 12th century. It sounds random, but the Plantagenets were the descendants of William the Conqueror, included such badasses as Henry II and Richard Lionheart, and were the ancestors of future lads such as Henry VIII.

In its own right, this book is so badass. The characters are so ridiculous they’re amazing, all scenes are brought to life through amazing writing, and medieval warfare sounds so gruesome and awful that you’re constantly left thinking “will somebody please think of the children!!!” It’s a thick one, but totally worth it.

Jade: I think I’m officially an adult because I’ve finally started reading books about money! I read Financially Fearless by Alexa Von Tobel the founder of LearnVest, a multi million dollar financial planning startup. I would recommend this book for anyone that is saving to make a large purchase in the near future, but still wants to live comfortably now. Super easy read.

Sophie: A Natural History of the Senses by Diane Ackerman. This is a book that I simultaneously love but also want to throw out the nearest window. And then run downstairs and save it so I can read it, it’s a real headfuck. It is, as the title might suggest, a history (scientifically, evolutionarily, socially, culturally) of each of the 5 human senses. It’s so varied in the angles it takes and the information it provides (Did you know that a polar bear’s liver is so high in vitamin A, that it would be fatally toxic to a human? Did you know that one theory as to why we kiss is that way back when we eat regurgitated food from our mothers’ mouths so we’ve grown accustomed to liking other people’s spit? Me neither) It’s fascinating but imagine if David Attenborough had written Fifty Shades? And then the Twilight author had done the second draft. And then Mills and Boon had done their own version. That’s the kinda style we’re talking.

Eva: Black History is for Everyone

Refugees Encounter a Foreign Word: Welcome


Priya: I watched The Imposter on Netflix. It’s CREEPY and writing about it is already starting to freak me out. There are a lot of plot twists that unravel towards the ending so worth watching all the way through even if you think you’ve figured it out.

Edi: Billions: Opening scene? S&M foreplay of a high-powered couple. Premise? Rich guy tries to stay rich. Plot Development? Other people tries to bring rich guy down, fail because he’s smarter than them. Interesting? I guess, if you like shows that somehow manage to be really subtle to the point of wtf is going on, and completely obvious in the “OK, we get it, this guy is a douche” at the same time.

A major let down for this show is that it leaves key questions unanswered, whilst making the obvious even more obvious. We get it, so and so is playing the stock market. But what is a hedge fund? What is the District Attorney’s Dad’s job? Why is the wife so annoying? Why are the males so alpha? Why is this show so American? Why?

Maybe you’ll watch it and find it entertaining. Or comprehensible. 5/10

Containment: Missing the Walking Dead? Say hello to the apocalypse-with-a-band-of-interracial-heroes-take-no-prisoner-but-there-aren’t-actually-any-zombies adventure you’ve been waiting for. If you’re into that fast-paced word coming to an end drama, with a little bit of conspiracy thrown in for good measure, this could be your next fix.

After an unknown virus hits Atlanta, part of the city is cordoned off trapping inside men, women, and children, and dividing two sets of key, interlinked characters. But is there more to this whole ‘disaster’ than meets the eye? Obvs. The characters genuinely have depth, but that’s to be expected in a disaster, which shows all human strengths and weaknesses, which you’ll know if you watch Walking Dead (if you don’t, start watching Walking Dead).

If I had to give this show a nickname, however, it would be “that show with incredibly long-wearing foundation and highly unrealistic phone battery life.” The show also has some more far-fetched plot points that you spot immediately, i.e. the girlfriend of the main character not staying with his police officer best friend in one of the most secure locations, so he has to come and bail them out of disaster every now and again. That would explain the lower ratings on some sites, but overall the enjoyment factor pulls it up, and I would give it an 8/10

Jade: I’ve been watching Love Island, Made in Chelsea and Euro 2016. Judge me.

Anonymous: Anonymous only watched Made in Chelsea and KUWTK.

Eva: I’ve replaced House of Cards with UK political news.
And I didn’t watch the BET Awards but if you haven’t seen Jesse Williams’ speech I don’t know what you have been doing with your time!!!

Sophie: The Versailles series on iplayer about King Louis the something or other redoing the Palace of Versailles. Oh and there’s a war too and men with silly moustaches and colonialism and lots and lots and lots of sex. Just don’t watch it on a train, sat next to a stranger.


Priya: Zootopia finally. It was deep. Whoever wrote that should run for president, maybe.  

Eva: Oooh I also watched Zootopia and I absolutely loved it. I unfortunately also decided to suffer through watching How to be Single whilst I was on the plane to LA. Don’t do that to yourself under any circumstances. I had to skip through half the film and then still didn’t finish it. It’s beyond awful…

Jade: I saw Me Before You and I have very mixed feelings about it. I cried, it was incredibly sad but at the same time Emilia Clarke’s acting was terrible! It almost ruined the film for me. I’d give it a 7/10 but I won’t be watching it ever again and I certainly won’t be reading the book – it’s just too sad.

Sophie: Hush a la Netflix. Deaf woman lives in the middle of nowhere, is targeted by a crazed, merciless murderer. Very overdone idea but with a little twist that makes enough of a difference.


Jade: I went to New York, highlights included:

  • Le Labo – A little perfume shop in Nolita with the most unusual scents. They bottle everything on site and you can customize your bottle. They also had this perfume that smelt exactly like mezcal, which is my absolute favourite alcoholic beverage but my boyfriend hates mezcal and anything tequila-esque so I didn’t get it – yay for girlpower!
  • Fire Island – Less than two hours outside of Manhattan, a small beach with a local drink called Rocket Fuel. Get it! You’ll thank me!
  • Grand Banks – A boat restaurant off the pier that borders TriBeCa. Super romantic but also very laid back. Make a reservation otherwise you will not get in.  
  • PHD lounge – The kind of club that I know all of my friends would love. Great music, great views, plenty of dancing space – it’s perfect. The only downside is that a vodka redbull cost me $21….excluding tip. Never again.

I also did a few things in London including:

  • BYOC in Soho – You bring a bottle of your favourite alcohol and they make whatever you want. My boyfriend and I took a bottle of Plymouth and got 12 drinks and 2 shots out of it. Well worth it.
  • Farmacy – A beautiful restaurant in Notting Hill that caters to the gluten free, dairy free and vegan communities.
  • Hip Hop Karaoke – Self explanatory, my favourite night out in the entire world!!! [Eva – had a ton of fun with you girl! A girl completely slayed doing Kendrick’s Alright!].


  • Okay so first things first Beyonce. It was a spiritual experience, which was to be expected. **Spoiler alert** she sang Love On Top ACAPELLA. The entire song too. I didn’t cry actual tears this time but I blame that on the Citi Fields being too…vast…and also it was freezing.
  • The following night I saw my work wifey drop some truth bombs on a panel that was hosted by @Gotagirlcrush and @BossBabesatx. Jessica Williams herself was there, along with some other supercool women working in different creative industries. Hearing them share anecdotes, advice, and anger had me so inspired and fired up.
  • So inspired that I checked out the otherwild pop up store in the Lower East Side and brought this t-shirt 😉
  • I saw Jack Garratt live and he was incredible. Besides the fact that he, quite literally, put on a one man show, his general presence and interaction with the audience was brilliant. He’s hilarious AND a musical genius. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Work threw a Pride Party and Bianca Del Rio showed up and literally tore people apart. It was hilarious. There was a dance battle and someone pushed a fellow employee off the stage.
  • I saw Tracy Clayton interview Gayle King and she’s a queen. I’ll get to the point and just say you should all follow her on instagram.


I organised a road trip Northbound along the Pacific Highway in California (so from LA to San Francisco) two weeks before travelling (Yolo). I feel like maybe it deserves it’s own post. I had way too much fun, cried on the plane home, and now I am perpetually exhausted. But it was completely worth it. In fact due to that I can currently barely remember what I did before the 17th June… I just remember it being busy… June has been a blur!  

My office away day ended at this really nice pub in Hampstead.

I went to ‘For Books’ Sake’ event called That’s What She Said, at The Book Club in Shoreditch, and event that showcases female writers (poets etc). Highlight of the evening was listening to Sophia Walker, an award winning slam artist. Check her out!

Edi: I went to Munich. You should totally read about it here.


Edi: Discovered cauliflower. That’s right. Me. I discovered it. I even have the recipes to prove it.


Jade:  Most played this month:

  1. Calvin Harris ft Rihanna – This Is What You Came For
  2. Flume – Never Be Like You
  3. Flight Facilities – Crave You
  4. Beyonce – Sorry
  5. Daft Punk – Doin’ It Right

Priya: DVSN (pronounced Division) and not dee-vee-es-en. You’re welcome.

I realized that my two of my favorite up and comers from the UK are dating so that sparked a new week of listening to their stuff. Check out Louis Mattrs and Elli Ingram.

Still listening to Chance, Juke Jam is my jam. STILL listening to Love on The Brain. STILL running to Don’t Hurt Yourself.

Eva: I’ve had a few people share music by JMSN with me – SO GOOD! People know me so well. I feel chuffed when people send me good music. I guess it means they think I have good taste in music… or that my music tastes need to improve…

I should probably share the playlists I used for the roadtrip. One in particular was a playlist I didn’t even know I had and it’s so random. On remix it can go from Vanessa Carlton, to Earth Wind & Fire, to the Kooks, to Lisa Stanfield to Rick James… and so on. I genuinely don’t even remember making the playlist. Most unexpected song on the playlist goes to… K7.


Jade: Lash primers – I know it seems high maintenance but this is actually trying to achieve the opposite look – no shadow, no liner just lashes. If you want your lashes to say something – use a lash primer. I recommend DiorShow.

Priya: Coconut yoghurt. The only reason I can’t stop talking about it is because I can’t stop thinking about how I accidentally paid  $11 for a tiny pot. Either my portion control issues are more out of control than I think, or Whole Foods is taking the piss.

Eva: So for the first time in my life I went to MAC (Covent Garden) and had someone do my makeup for me. The aim, I suppose, was to teach me what the hell I am supposed to do with make up. So… I definitely can not replicate what she did to my face, but I bought out the store (obviously I did not). I’m most happy with the new lipsticks I acquired. But even if you don’t want to splash the cash, it’s only £30, which you can redeem against purchase of products… or you can just go and TREATYOSELF. I had nowhere special to go afterwards so I was just walking around Covent Garden with a full face of makeup. If you ever go – ask for Bianca! 😀

I BOUGHT 10 MITCHUM GEL DEODORANTS at Walgreens in the States. You have no idea how excited I am. BEST DEODORANT EVER! – No white marks. I can’t usually find it in London so I had to stock up.

I did a postal vote to remain… ¬¬





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