BAE of the Week: Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams. She is beauty, she is grace, (and by grace I mean queen of satire)… she is Bae of the Week. At 26 years old, she is one of my favorite ‘multi-hyphenates,’ aka people who make me feel hugely unproductive even when I’m working at full speed and maximum capacity. She one one half of the podcast 2 Dope Queens and was the youngest ever senior correspondent on The Daily Show. This week she announced that she would be leaving to develop her own TV show (because of course)  about “a politically-minded young woman who may be ‘woke’ but doesn’t know what she’s doing.” Same.

I actually got to see Jessica speak on a panel hosted by @bossbabesATX and @gotagirlcrush a few weeks ago. Based on literally everything I knew about her beforehand, I was already prepared to be blessed with sound advice and comical home truths re: being a woman in the workplace and making a career in the creative industries. One gem that I took away that night was hearing Jessica repeatedly preach ‘“You are valid!” She kept coming back to the point that everything that you feel, think, and create is valid…including your anger. It’s not unusual for me to get paralyzed with self-doubt or write off my own feelings as temporary, irrational, and unjustified. If you want to get read, there’s a whole system in place to ensure that benefits of women thinking in that way. SO it was extremely powerful to hear Jessica inspire everyone with just those three words.

So happy Sunday. Scrub away your woes with some coconut oil and repeat after me:

You. Are. Valid.


Here are some of Jessica’s other best bits:

On the Stand Your Ground law:
On teaching women not get raped vs teaching men not to rape:
On Stop and Frisk

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