PLAYLIST: Just Before You Hit The Emergency Stop Button On The Treadmill


I was about to collapse during cardio when….


Work – Ciara <- literally yelling at me to work

I’m Out – Ciara ft Nicki Minaj <- can’t ‘get out on the floor’ and ‘get your sexy on’ if you haven’t been working on your sexy… pure motivation

Caught out there – Kelis (I pretend that instead of her yelling yo to start off she’s yelling ‘go!’ – also if you’re on the treadmill in a place where people can’t see you you can look forward to pointing and yelling like a angry mad woman at the end :))

Chop Suey – System of a Down <- gives me good variation of burst of energy and slow down for when you’re exhausted and can only push like 10 seconds at a time
Best of you – Foo Fighters <- you work hard knowing the last chorus will be victorious

Faint – Linkin Park – the opening of the song makes me pick my ass up!


Who gon’ stop me and Why I Love You from Watch The Throne because I only do cardio when I’m able to adopt an angry entitled hiphop mogul persona.

Also Shackles – Mary Mary


Dangerous love – Fuse odg! I always play it when I’m losing steam and need to dance along the final lap on the treadmill



I chose those two songs because they both make me feel like a boss but in very different ways. From
Kanye it’s very much a “fuck the world, I’m the best” song and from
Beyoncé it’s more of a girl power thing. Both songs resonate with me.

All Day – Kanye West  

 Run The World – Beyoncé


Both of these songs are really fast paced and energetic. Also they remind me of being young and all my hopes and dreams and, if hopes and dreams aren’t encouragement enough, what is?

Reptilian – The Strokes

Duality – Slipknot


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