#REPLYALL: Living With Your Parents

Luxury vs Struggle, Comradery vs Privacy, Support vs Limitations, Love vs Inconvenience Continue reading #REPLYALL: Living With Your Parents


#REPLYALL: Expectation Vs Reality In Your Twenties

BETHAN I thought that most people have their careers and lives sorted by their early 20s when I was at school!! EDI I think most people thought that – even though my mum was a super realist and was like “I didn’t have a real job till I was 26,” I still wanted (and want) to achieve so much by the time I’m 25. I definitely thought I was going to be a lawyer, but I think I always knew it wasn’t for me. My mum just wanted me to do it, and I thought I should because then I’d … Continue reading #REPLYALL: Expectation Vs Reality In Your Twenties