table4nine_colourPRI MINHAS

Twenty something. London. New York. Leeds. Chili. Maya Angelou.

Rooftops. Skipping P.E. Black coffee. Runs and riffs. Late nights.

Early mornings. Beyonce. Breakfast buffets.


Copy of IMG_20150316_093937


Twenty something. Focused. Nintendo. China. Music. Pensive.

Anime. Books. Sarcasm. Lord of the Rings. Cooking.

Driven. Learning. London.



Twentysomething. Leeds. Edinburgh at heart. French. Beards (any nationality).

Vintage. Catflick eyeliner. Doc Martens. Eyebrows.Dusk.

Dogs. Dave Grohl. G&T, extra lime.




Twenty-something. Hackney. Malbec. Cake. Friends. Family.

Sunsets. Running. Middle child syndrome. Maths. To do lists.

Duvet days. Travel. Rom coms.

10407979_10152851041077244_7782260407895148382_nEVE BIDMEAD

Twenty-something. London born. Buenos Aires. Barranquilla. Food lover. Blogger.

Salsa.Bachata. Bassline.City girl with love for the ocean.

Beach sunsets. Fresh coconuts. Cake and Offal .


Twenty-something. Spicy food. Politics. Debate. 90/00s RnB. House Parties.

Rum. Languages. Concerts. Tattoos. Poetry. Travel. Learning new things/skills.

(Former Teeny-bopper, grunger, emo-kid and Avril Lavigne lover.)


Twenty Something. London. Hong Kong. Lover of carbs.

Night Owl. Art. Authenticity. The written form. Books.

Prince fan. Man repelling fashion trends. Shoulder Pads.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. [Found you at the Community Pool] Very cool idea ladies! The compilation works and is so innovative. Am I glad I blog-hop. How else would I have this much fun reading the deep thoughts of creatives like yourselves. Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

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