BAE OF THE WEEK: Marley Dias & her #1000blackgirlbooks

I don’t have a lot to say about this girl, mainly because what she’s doing as an 11-year-old leaves me a bit speechless. I’ll just post this video below and ask that you watch it. I just have one request of you. wp-1461064336296.jpgWhen you watch the video, if you feel that she is being narrow-minded or, dare I say it, racist, please think again, watch the video again, and don’t leave a comment till you do.She is not trying to erase white culture, she’s not saying that she’ll never read books with anyone other than black girls as the main character.

I’ll stop babying you now, because to be honest if you don’t understand what she’s trying to do here, then you really don’t need to be here. Continue on your way.

If you do understand, let’s celebrate and support her together!


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